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Gerald Hausman calls himself a "native of the world" after living in so many places in the United States and the West Indies. He spent more than twenty years in New Mexico where many of his American Indian folktales were collected and published. Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1945, Hausman has been a storyteller almost since birth. His more than 70 books attest to his love of folklore, a passion instilled by his mother who painted the portraits of Native American chiefs. During his thirty-five years as a storyteller, Gerald has entertained children of all ages at such places as The Kennedy Center, Harvard University, St John's College and in schools from one end of the country to the other. Five audio books have come out in recent years and two of Gerald's books have been made into animated and folkloric films. His books have also been translated into a dozen foreign languages.

Gerald is a frequent storyteller at college writers programs and at young authors conferences. Recently, he performed at the Young Authors Conference in Kaiserslautern, Germany as a guest of Department of Defense Dependent Schools. His lively presentations, complete with a myriad of sound effects, have earned him praise from storytellers, speakers, writers, and listeners. Here is what some listeners have said about Mr. Hausman's live storytelling.

"Gerald Hausman belongs to the fine tradition of literary naturalists. He steals bits of nature and plants them in type, building each column image by image until we see and feel the world the way he sees and feels it. The images invariably build to meaning, like the best poetry, and the meaning is tied to a sense of place. However glorious Pine Island may be, these columns reap a second harvest."

- Best Column
  The Florida Magazine Association


"Gerald Hausman displays a deeper understanding of the natural world than most writers of our generation."

- Joseph Bruchac, Native American Storyteller

"He awakens, not only the poet's skill and sensitivity, but also our own nature, power and inherent divinity..."

- Dr. Michael W. Fox, Vice President
  The Humane Society of the United States

"Your students are indeed fortunate to have someone in their midst who can communicate enthusiasm for learning - the greatest lesson a school could ever teach."

- Fred Rogers/Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood