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The Boy with the Sun Tree Bow The Boy with the Sun Tree Bow
Gerald's children's story The Boy with the Sun Tree Bow was recently produced by the University of Washington. To view this wonderful seven minute animated film about saving the environment, go to ...

"Your message arrived today just as I was sharing The Boy With the Sun Tree Bow with my part-time assistant. We were both -- he for the first time, me for the third/fourth viewing -- totally charmed, touched, deeply impacted by the story. You indicated in your original note that it was still something of "a work in progress" -- but, it seems to me, a beautifully complete work of art. I find myself getting deeply emotional with each viewing -- all right, somewhat teary-eyed! So much power in your words -- with so much supportive imagery in the animation. Extraordinary!"

- Robert D. San Souci, author of many award winning books including Fa Mulan and Sukey and the Mermaid.

See and hear Gerald telling tales!
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They Called Them Birds
A Chickasaw Indian tale complete with bird calls that bring feathered friends to your door

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Old Drum, I Hear You
A New Orleans story with mouth drum accompaniment and other sounds from Jackson Square

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Sam and the Mermaid
A Southern folktale as told by Captain Hausman in the voice of a salty sea dog off Pine Island Sound

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Audio Performances

Stay Thirsty Interview - Folklorist and Listener

Click here for interview

Meditations with Animals
Written by Gerald Hausman with music by Ray Griffin

1. The Shaman Speaks spoken by Loren Straight Eagle Plume Toledo
2. Swimmer the Salmon spoken by Scarlet Bird
3. Dawn Stealer spoken by Loren Straight Eagle Plume Toledo
4. The Boy with the Sun Tree Bow spoken by Gerald Hausman

Star Stories of New Mexico
Spoken by Gerald Hausman and Baldamar Coca with music by Ray Griffin

1. Stargazer
2. The Man
3. Star People
4. Star Car
5. Fireballs
6. Montezuma Witch
7. Stargazer in the Next World
8. Jesus on Horseback
9. Taos Pueblo
10. Cactus Song
11. Mrs. Trujillo & the UFO
12. Sierra Blanca UFO
13. Handful of Stars
14. Twinkle Twinkle

Essays and Writings

Gulfshore Life Magazine
Read my award winning essays published by Gulfshore Life Magazine in Naples, Florida

2005 April - The Ancient Itch
2005 February - Traveling Tree Frog
2005 January - A Rose From Charley
2005 March - The Ardent Owl
2005 May - Bug Off
2006 April - Welcome, Don't Fear
2006 February - A Crabby Tale
2006 January - A Mermaid's Tale
2006 June - Steer Crazy
2006 March - The Parrot's Scribe
2006 May - War Between Cats & Skinks
2006 November - Of Storms & Creatures
2006 October - Love A Turtle
2006 Summer - Pletcher's Pond
2007 April - My Island, My Bond
2007 February - Bright Side of Hurricanes
2007 January - Turtle & Cardinal