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What's New...

What's New?

Irie Books, our imprint with Wilder Publications is growing as we complete the editorial and design phases of new books each month. What's new right now?

Author Don Clark France who has published many novels sent us Sand in My Shoes earlier in the summer. It is just out and the author is on a mini tour in the Northeast to celebrate this wonderful mystery novel about an old hotel on an old time beach frequented by -- guess what? -- old timers ... duffers who have a penchant for getting into trouble, and lots of it. The book is funny, very well written and a bit autobiographical in that Don uses eccentric real-family people to fill up his scandalous New Jersey beach hotel. Altogether a fun read and one to be placed on the shelf next to Don's other Irie Book, The Decline and Fall of the Oceanic Hotel & Tales of the Barnegat Lighthouse. Don is acknowledged as an expert on the early history of Barnegat Bay and particularly the lighthouse there. Anyone with sand in their shoes should read these two books by Don Clark France.

Aram Saroyan's classic 60s novel is just out in paperback. This is a 40th commemorative year for The Street which, coincidentally, Lorry and I published in 1974 when we were managing editors (with David Silverstein) of The Bookstore Press in Lenox, Massachusetts. Aram, son of the Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and playwright, William Saroyan (The Human Comedy) is also the stepson of acclaimed actor Walter Matthau. The Street chronicles Aram's passage from poet to novelist and, strangely enough, actor, as he was originally cast by Mike Nichols to star in The Graduate. What he became instead is the one-word poet whose work is considered the highest paid-per-letter in the literary world. Without a doubt this early novel of Aram's has stood the test of time and deserves to be called a classic in the 60s genre of confessional storytelling. Irie Books is more than a little proud to be re-issuing The Street with a new facsimile (of the original '74 edition) redesigned by Mariah Fox.


Bill Worrell (Places of Mystery, Power & Energy) is the author of our first hardcover at Irie Books, Conversations with Ellie. Very well-known for his iconographic sculptures of mesoAmerican Indian figures, Bill Worrell's art has been exhibited worldwide. This is Bill's second book with us, and it's a winner -- a kind of Travels with Charley if Charley had opened up and conversed with Steinbeck, or shall we say, argued. Because Ellie disagrees with most of what Bill says, but that's exactly the reason you will love this dog book which covers topics of every kind in dog and human terms. Lovely writing by an artistic genius who when he's not talking up his dog is talking down the half-conscious human race. Which brings us to another comparison -- there's more than a little Twain twanging around in this free-form book of wisdom.

We are also working on a new book by Alana Woods, a sound therapist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We met Alana last summer at our annual writing workshop in Las Vegas, New Mexico (Green River Writers). Alana's memoir is a work-in-progress and it covers her many years visiting foreign countries while healing people with her harp and other musical instruments. She is an unusual communicator on many levels, and her writing is wonderful because her life experiences are one of a kind. She has seen spirits in New Mexico caves and in ancient ruins in Greece, not to mention India and almost any other exciting and/or exotic destination you might name.

In 2014 we should have our Love Letters book completed. We have done two blogs on this and each time there has been strong support and interest in this book. Basically, the letters were discovered at a town dump in Monterey, Massachusetts and in an old horse barn at Lake Buel, also in the Berkshires. The letters are real not invented and they cover the lives of two amazing human beings who fall in love in Mexico in 1937 and continue a wild and sometimes crazy correspondence for the next four years. What can I say? They were my parents. I never thought their personal letters would make a book but many people have urged Lorry and I to put them between covers. So we are doing so. Oddly, the letters were not known to the family until their return to me a few years ago. That itself is a story of interest and we have included it in the introduction. This book will be visually beautiful because it is being designed by our daughter Mariah Fox whose book and album covers have been widely praised.

More to come ... stay tuned.